NWU: Where your greatness is unlocked.

NWU: Where your greatness is unlocked.

The decision to complete a postgraduate degree is to look both inside yourself, and the outside world. It is a chance to become part of the change to those around you while soaring to academic greatness.

As recently conferred Dr Thulani Phakathi explains; you become a leader, not only in your field of study but to the community in which you want to see change.

Dr Phakathi was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Information Sciences with Computer Science and Information Systems.
In his thesis, Node-Based Quality of Service-Aware security framework for sinkhole attacks in mobile Ad-hoc networks, Thulani used OLSR routing protocol to implement a QoS-aware security framework that he designed using a cross-layered approach. The framework bridges the gap between security and QoS for the provision of an optimally functioning MANET. He implemented a sinkhole attack in networks of different node densities and used his framework to counter these attacks. He also used a custom-designed lightweight intrusion detection system to remove fake routes and for bandwidth optimization. his findings strengthen MANET studies in the provisioning of optimal and secure performance.

We are proud of our #NWUFamily and all that they have achieved.
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