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Discover the NWU…

Take your next adventure! Every discovery can start a journey, a one-of-a-kind adventure is waiting...
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Your Registration and Finance BFF

Your one-stop, all the info you might need to make your registration experience a breeze...
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How will I know that I am accepted?

You may be wondering what will happen after you receive your results from the Department...
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A day in a life of an #MyNWU student. 💜

♬ original sound – theNWU

There is a new world for you to explore. Full of possibilities, adventure, and dreams to realise. Discover the NWU with every single step you take! #MyNWU

♬ original sound – theNWU

@kagiso_somngesi has plugged you… Why wait, own your future… visit our website or dial *134*2237*01

♬ original sound – theNWU