NWU alumna Tamara Kirsten celebrates a stellar achievement at the 45th Loerie Awards ✨

NWU alumna Tamara Kirsten celebrates a stellar achievement at the 45th Loerie Awards ✨

In the world of creativity in Africa and the Middle East, a bright star has emerged from North-West University (NWU). Tamara Kirsten, a talented former graphic design student at NWU, won a prestigious Loerie Award during the 45th Loerie Awards held from October 2nd to 6th, making her institution and nation proud.

The Loerie Awards hold a prominent place in the advertising and design industry, recognizing outstanding projects across 17 categories. This year, the competition was fierce, with 619 brands from 219 agencies spanning 18 different countries, all vying for recognition on this prestigious stage.

About the Winning Project

Tamara’s award-winning project was a visionary rebranding effort for SAN Parks. Rooted in the rich creation myths of the Nuguni people in South Africa, who believe that elemental spirits shaped the earth and appointed “Keepers” to protect it, Tamara reimagined each SAN Park as a “Keeper of Nature.” Her branding, heavily influenced by traditional African masks, employs symmetrical and geometric designs to create Mask Logos that embody the distinctive qualities of each park.

Tamara’s groundbreaking approach to the SANParks rebranding goes beyond just looks; it delves into the cultural essence of South Africa, emphasizing the deep connection the nation shares with nature. This project serves as a tribute to the vital role nature plays in our heritage, inspiring future generations to safeguard it. To explore in-depth details about this captivating project, visit the Loeries Official Website, where you’ll find an attached QR code for easy access.

NWU’s Contribution to This Success

Tamara expresses her gratitude to her alma mater, especially the Graphic Design faculty, lovingly known as the F2 family. She reserves special admiration for Marina Herbst, her lecturer, mentor, and most enthusiastic supporter, whose unwavering guidance and expertise led her to this moment of triumph.

Tamara’s Contemplation on Her Triumph

As the reality of her prestigious award continues to sink in, Tamara finds herself overwhelmed with happiness and a profound sense of validation as an emerging designer. This recognition from a highly regarded panel amplifies the significance of her dedication and passion.

When questioned about her guiding principles and future aspirations, Tamara shares a quote that resonates deeply with her: “Everything happens for a reason.” With unshakeable optimism, she believes in life’s enigmatic journey leading individuals to their true destinies. As for her future? The design world should prepare for more groundbreaking creations from this promising young talent!

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