Embracing new horizons – Fortune’s inspiring journey as an #NWUEagle!

Embracing new horizons – Fortune’s inspiring journey as an #NWUEagle!

Fortune Mantokozo, a final-year student studying Language Practice and Communications at the Vanderbijlpark Campus, radiates enthusiasm as she shares her excitement for 2023. “One of the things I’m most excited about is celebrating my friends at our graduation ceremony!” It is a significant milestone that Fortune cannot wait to commemorate alongside her peers.

Fortune’s journey as an #NWUEagle is rooted in her passion for diversity and inclusivity. These values resonate deeply with her, and she knew that NWU was the perfect place to pursue her educational aspirations. “Purple has always been my favourite colour because it represents royalty,” she shares.

Coincidentally, Fortune’s nickname is Royal, making the NWU’s colour scheme even more meaningful.

When asked about her favourite memory from R&O (Registration and Orientation) during her first year at NWU, Fortune’s face lights up. She fondly remembers her roommate at residence, who played a transformative role in her life. “My roommate taught me so much about myself,” she reflects. Through their interactions, she gained new perspectives and discovered aspects of her own identity that she may otherwise not have explored.

Reflecting on her first year at NWU, she recalls the pivotal experience of participating in the Mr and Miss NWU pageant. As a first-year student with no prior pageant experience, entering the competition was a daring leap into the unknown. “It was a risk I don’t regret,” she says with a smile. The experience boosted her confidence, allowing her to showcase her talents and connect with a supportive community. It was a stepping stone that opened doors and encouraged personal growth.

Fortune eagerly awaits the arrival of summer when the Vanderbijlpark Campus transforms into a picturesque haven. “The campus is adorned with lush greenery, and it’s simply breathtaking.”

She finds solace in being surrounded by nature, and the presence of animals like geese and monkeys adds a whimsical element to her daily life. Her go-to meal at the local cafeteria is sparkling water and a mini meal basket. It is a simple choice that keeps her refreshed and satisfied.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities played a vital role in Fortune’s university experience. Joining societies and the marketing team allowed her to learn more about herself, different careers, and how to navigate various working environments.

Fortune’s involvement with RiverFM has provided her with hands-on experiences in broadcasting and media. Attending workshops and creating content for NWU platforms has shaped her career aspirations in broadcasting and journalism. It has fuelled her passion for radio, TV, and writing, while also allowing her to connect to like-minded individuals.

“Never try to put on a facade by pretending to be someone you’re not. Just be who you are,” she advises prospective first years. Authenticity is the key to finding one’s place and building genuine connections. Fortune believes that each NWU student should embrace the experience of making friends, meeting new people, and joining societies. This allows students to discover their true selves and learn from individuals with different backgrounds and interests.

Fortune is grateful for the opportunities she has had at North-West University. With her unwavering determination and commitment to authenticity, she continues to embrace new horizons and inspire those around her.

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