Making memories and seizing opportunities: Bonolo Monaisa’s adventure at #MyNWU

Making memories and seizing opportunities: Bonolo Monaisa’s adventure at #MyNWU

Bonolo Monaisa, is the ultimate rockstar!  A BA. Communication final-year student from the stunning Verdwaal Village in the North West Province, Bonolo proudly calls the North-West University (NWU) Mahikeng campus her “home sweet home”.

“I decided that I wanted to not try to fit in but belong, and #MyNWU gave me just that.”

Bonolo hopes to discover a lot based on how diverse the NWU is “Not only languages but the people. I have so far discovered that working on the radio station has built a platform for me to learn that there is more to NWU students than what we see. This year I hope to learn more about the diversity of students, and travel more to represent the NWU.”

Roy T Bennett’s quote motivates her: “Live the life of your dreams. Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” So, after temporarily deregistering in 2020, she bounced back with even more opportunities and doesn’t regret her decision for a second. From battling time management, mental health issues and overwhelming workloads to discovering her potential with the help of NWU’s incredible student counselling department, Bonolo is a true superhero. And hey, she even finds time to hit the gym and stay fit!

Her favourite first-year memory was that overwhelming feeling of independence and the shock of how big #MyNWU is. Bonolo says that the University is broad, and everything is about the choices; these choices are an essential aspect of what it means to be a university student. “The choices you make are a determination of what is next for you.”

Bonolo advises all Eagles to join societies and activities. “They’ll shape your journey, introduce you to incredible minds, and make your time here even more extraordinary.”

Her favourite thing about #MyNWU is how it gives students opportunities to unleash their potential. “I for one, have been presented with so many opportunities, radio, travelling experiences and leaderships. This for me is the highlight of how the University can recognise students and help them achieve more. They don’t limit you in any way.”

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