Own your NWU journey: Work hard, play harder with Sahl Rasool

Own your NWU journey: Work hard, play harder with Sahl Rasool

Meet Sahl Rasool, a first-year student in Information Systems at the North-West University Mahikeng Campus. With his motto: “Work hard, play harder,” Sahl is ready to make the most of his time at #MyNWU.

Sahl’s decision to join the NWU was a result of careful consideration and thorough research. He recognized the university’s reputation and understood how it aligned perfectly with his academic goals.

“Do adequate research before choosing any course and university because your life depends on this. I don’t regret choosing this course or this campus,” he says but admit he has faced one challenge so far. “I struggled adapting to this new environment fresh from school; it is totally different. There is a lot of freedom here. I am grateful for the group of friends I have. They are focused and keep me on the right track, keeping me away from the wrong stuff.”

Sahl cherishes the unforgettable moments he shared with our cool mascot, Eagi. Capturing memories and proudly representing the NWU in a brand shoot is a memory that brings a smile to his face.

“The best experience I’ve had was working with the marketing team till today because it really gives you social skills you need, and they really help you overcome your fears. They put you on the camera and make you feel comfortable giving speeches or talking to people in general, so that was awesome.”

His favourite aspect of NWU is the vibrant and friendly atmosphere, characterized by kind and beautiful individuals. According to him, the people at NWU are incredibly accommodating and welcoming, creating a positive environment. “I love the vibes!”

He has come to understand the importance of personal responsibility during his time at NWU. “You should be responsible for yourself, that’s one thing I will say. After school life you realize that it’s on you now to choose the right company because that really plays a role in the direction you are going in life.”

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