The Innovations of the School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering

The Innovations of the School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering

Coal into petrol, corn into cornflakes, algae into electricity, or beans into coffee… What do all these products have in common with each other and the NWU? There is at least one chemical engineer involved that turned all these raw materials into the products we use, eat and drink every day.

Now, while Eagi is always up for discovering new things at the NWU… It may have been either the words “cornflakes” or “coffee” that convinced Eagi’s stomach that a visit to the NWU School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering was long overdue.

With a distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to innovation, the Faculty of Engineering building at North-West University offers an exceptional environment for aspiring chemical engineers to thrive. Hiding in plain sight, from the outside you would mistake it for an industrial manufacturing plant for a big successful company, and not a faculty for a university. It should be on your NWU bucket list of places to see, and we aren’t just saying that because we are biased.

One of the many schools in the Faculty of Engineering is the School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering, where bubbling, brewing, heating, and reacting are done to create a greener and healthier tomorrow. The School continuously engages in ground-breaking research projects, collaborating with industrial partners, governmental organizations, and other academic institutions. Their research spans a wide array of areas, including sustainable process development, brewing/food processing, biofuels/energy generation, and unique aspects of engineering such as solar panels.

Whether you call them process engineers, problem solvers, or modern alchemists; chemical and mineral engineers are trained in equipment design for chemical, mineral, and enzymatic process system optimisation and control while incorporating health, safety, and environmental regulations. The School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering boasts an exceptional team of distinguished professors, researchers, and industry experts that possess a diverse range of expertise, covering multiple areas. Their commitment to excellence in teaching and research ensures that students receive an education grounded in the latest advancements and best practices in the field.

Now if you are not part of the Engineering fan club this might sound confusing, so to simplify it a little. Current, and future chemical and mineral engineers are trained and equipped to develop, design, and manage industrial processes where raw materials are converted into products that we use every day (including that coffee Eagi went in search of).

The School of Chemical and Mineral Engineering stands as a beacon of excellence, attracting bright minds and fostering innovation in the field of chemical and mineral engineering. They play an essential role in the modern world, as they address and find solutions to many of today’s challenges, such as climate change, energy storage as well as environmental and water concerns.

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