Let’s visit the School of Communication

Let’s visit the School of Communication

Imagine the following scenario: you have an event you want to advertise, and you need posters for print and social media, as well as a fun promo video to showcase some of the performers who will be attending. Or maybe you just want to create a nice newsletter for your department, faculty, or group of friends, and you want to give it a real newspaper-type feel. With a simple Google search, you can find pages of design software and you think to yourself: this is going to be a breeze. After all, there are posters and newspapers on every corner and every shop; and TikTokers are pumping out video content faster than you can refresh your FYP.

But… you’ve hit a snag (or two) and things aren’t working out. So here you are, thinking of giving up and just going the route of screaming about the event to everyone you know. Or just using every single font style in Word and hoping for the best, when you could have just contacted a graphic designer or videographer (who studied or is currently studying in the School of Communication at the NWU of course), and they would be able to take your ideas and make them into reality in every dimension possible, with 4K to boot!

Now if you follow Eagi’s Insta (which we hope you do, but if not, you can search @HeyEagi and hit that follow button), you will see that our beloved mascot is quite the talented photographer, videographer, and poster designer as well. There are times when even Eagi makes a mistake or two and combines portrait and landscape shots in one video that leaves you with a bit of motion sickness…
Thanks to one of Eagi’s many friends on the Mahikeng Campus, Eagi discovered a school in the Faculty of Humanities that would be able to give a few pointers in the art of design and video production.

If you soar in a world where words sparkle and cameras dance, fuelled with the thrill of dodging bullets in a war-driven world or simply ducking rocks in an eventful South African protest, then the School of Communications in the Faculty of Humanities is your home. A home where creativity blossoms and dreams become a reality for all our future #NWUEagles, providing them with a place where they flourish because it all starts here.

The School of Communication is where students hone their skills to become communication, media, and public relations practitioners, as well as informed and critical media producers and consumers. A school where creativity and expression are cherished, making the extraordinary a reality.

They make the magic we see on our screens, hear on our radios, and see on the internet (not everything on the internet of course, since the internet is not unlike potjiekos before payday – where you threw everything into the pot, but some things should probably have stayed in the cupboard). They are the news reporters asking the difficult questions, the journalists/photographers/videographers risking life and limb for a closer shot of a crisis or a beautiful moment worth capturing.

The action is not always happening outside. Some go on to become producers, editors, and designers who work day and night behind the scenes in front of many screens making sure that the show you are watching has the perfect music to encapsulate the love or an action scene that will make you laugh or cringe. They also are the reason that you stop and make a double take on a poster you see on the wall or stop scrolling through your social media feeds because a graphic caught your eye. The school of communications at the #MyNWU is more than a place of academic brilliance, it is the bank for expression, a playground for the imagination, and the start of exciting careers.

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