✨ Youth Month Special ✨ Celebrating NWU Student Leader Carla Joubert 🌟

✨ Youth Month Special ✨ Celebrating NWU Student Leader Carla Joubert 🌟

The theme for Youth Month 2023 is: “Accelerating collaborations and opportunities to improve the lives of the youth.”

At the North-West University (NWU), our students have boundless opportunities to explore beyond what is expected of them. This gives them the chance to become the leaders their community needs, and the leadership skills they develop help them soar beyond their academic journey!

Join us in celebrating Youth Month by recognising the student leaders who are shaping the future of our university and the world.

“Don’t ever think that you are not good or skilled enough to make a difference. ‘Big things often have small beginnings’,” says Carla Joubert, the Fundraising and RAG Officer on the Potchefstroom Campus Students’ Campus Council. Carla names her grandpa, Nico Vlok, as her role model. Her NWU leadership journey began in 2020/2021 when she was chosen to serve on her residence’s house committee.

“It was special for me to be able to be part of something bigger than myself and to be able to use my leadership talents at the same time. I really witnessed for the first time how much work and effort goes into our unique student life here on campus. Before my term ended, I already knew I wanted to continue shaping our student life, and then in 2021/2022, I was on the Portfolio Committee for Fundraising and RAG.”

Through these experiences, Carla discovered the benefits of cooperation, diversity, and teamwork. She started to see herself as a skilled leader who is proactive and thrives on new challenges. After her term on the portfolio committee, she only had one dream left – shaping her love of the NWU’s student life through her role as the SCC: Fundraising and RAG (Reach Out and Give) Chairperson.

Carla believes that the youth can create a better society by contributing their ideas, creativity, and unlimited enthusiasm. “Young people have a lot of optimism, and they are creative problem-solvers with big potential to bring about constructive social change in the world.”

This position at #MyNWU gives Carla the opportunity to share her thoughts and opinions on current challenges students face with her fellow SCC. The way the SCC handled these challenges convinced her that the SCC group genuinely cares about the interests of students. “I have had numerous opportunities to improve various challenges alongside my co-workers, and I greatly applaud our student leaders for having the courage to do so and working to gradually improve the situation.”

Happy Youth Month, #NWUEagles!


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