✨ Youth Month Special ✨ Celebrating NWU Student Leader Asanda Ngadlela 🌟

✨ Youth Month Special ✨ Celebrating NWU Student Leader Asanda Ngadlela 🌟

The theme for Youth Month 2023 is: “Accelerating collaborations and opportunities to improve the lives of the youth.

At the North-West University (NWU) our students have boundless opportunities to explore beyond what is expected of them. This gives them the chance to become the leaders their community needs and the leadership skills they develop helps them soar beyond their academic journey!

Join us in celebrating Youth Month by recognising the student leaders who are shaping the future of our university and the world.

Asanda Ngadlel, Legal officer of the Faculty of Humanities on the Vanderbijlpark Campus, participated in events and became a student leader to try to fill the gap he saw while being present as a student.

As a legal officer of the Faculty of Humanities, Asanda ensures the students abide by the school constitution to minimize the risk of finding themselves on the other side of the values of the school. He also assists students in achieving academic excellence.

The aim of student leaders, Asanda believes, is to help students no matter what. “That will keep you going because leadership is not easy. It’s definitely not for the weak. It needs resilience.”

He also sees the youth playing a bigger goal in shaping the future of SA through taking every opportunity. Asanda’s biggest lesson learned as a NWU student leader? “Be open to learn when dealing with colleagues and students from different backgrounds.”

Happy Youth Month, #NWUEagles!


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