The Inauguration of Tsebonokeng Hall at NWU Vanderbijlpark Campus

The Inauguration of Tsebonokeng Hall at NWU Vanderbijlpark Campus

On the 29th of May 2023, the North-West University Vanderbijlpark Campus proudly unveiled its newly constructed Hall, situated alongside the tranquil riverbank of the campus. The inauguration of this remarkable establishment was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Bismark Tyobeka, the Principal & Vice-Chancellor of the University, as well as the former Rector of NWU Vanderbijlpark Campus, Prof Piet Prinsloo, and various other members of the University and the community.

During the construction phase, the University embarked upon the task of naming the hall with a name that would reflect its values and aspirations. Hence, the University decided to involve both its staff members and students from the Vanderbijlpark campus in the process. This initiative generated immense enthusiasm among the students, resulting in 545 proposals for the hall’s name. Only one name could be chosen, and it had to embody the institution’s values. The name “Tsebonokeng,” meaning the river of knowledge, emerged as the victor, suggested by a student named Clinton Mabunda.

Tsebonokeng stands as a testament to the University’s commitment to fostering student values, while also opening up new avenues of opportunity for both current and prospective students. This multifaceted building will play a vital role in advancing the University’s academic agenda, serving as a hub for research, teaching, and learning.

Prof. Tyobeka praised Tsebonokeng as a versatile structure, given that it hosted its inaugural event, the winter season’s graduation ceremony, on the very day of its opening ceremony. The Hall is poised to serve as a venue for both public and sporting events, with a seating capacity exceeding 1700 individuals.

Tsebonokeng (“the river of knowledge”), gracefully adorns the riverbanks of North-West University, embodying the cherished values of its students. This facility will not only facilitate but also elevate the University’s academic pursuits and educational endeavors. It stands as a beacon of knowledge, where the stream of enlightenment flows ceaselessly.

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