Congratulations to the NWU graduating class of 2022! Growing our own timber

Congratulations to the NWU graduating class of 2022! Growing our own timber

As this momentous occasion arrives and brings us gifts of pride and excitement, the North-West University (NWU) Mahikeng Campus cannot help but rejoice with our graduates. This milestone represents not only the culmination of years of hard work but also the beginning of an extraordinary journey that lies ahead. As with Gloria Daza, a NWU graduate who has embarked on the journey of education, it is a tapestry woven with countless memories and experiences.

Gloria has persevered and triumphed, and we stand in awe of her exceptional achievement in every field: academic honours, athletic triumphs, artistic expressions, and community outreach. She started her undergraduate studies in BA. Language and Literary Studies and pursued her BA. honours in English, which she was awarded during the NWU Humanities’ graduation ceremony. She is currently doing her MA. in English while working as a junior lecturer at the NWU Law faculty, the youngest to be employed at the age of 23. From the very first year of rushing to lecture halls to late-night preparation in her own office, she conquered the exams, embraced the challenges, and has grown into a remarkable individual.

Gloria states that she discovered her passion for English linguistics and literature during her first year at the North-West University. She started her journey as a student instructor during her second year, progressing to being a tutor, a student assistant, a member of the Golden Key, and finally a lecturer. On days when academics were a bit too much to handle, she would take walks around the beautiful  Mahikeng campus and pet a few of the friendly cats while jamming to Denzel Curry, a hip-hop artist. When she isn’t conducting classes or worrying about her research, she stays fit by playing netball and is the captain of the Biko House Residence netball team.

When asked to give advice to all the undergraduate and prospective students, Gloria said that “you should walk your own journey and stick to your own goals and plans. Don’t let anyone derail you from what you want; remember to always believe in yourself and your purpose.” Gloria’s story is truly inspirational and one of many amazing stories where NWU grows its own timber. The North-West University produces change-makers, big dreamers, and visionaries who will shape our future. They believe in their power to create a world filled with compassion, innovation, and boundless potential.

Congratulations to Gloria Daza and the extraordinary graduating class of 2022! As you stand on the precipice of new beginnings, remember that you possess within you the tools to create a future that is both remarkable and meaningful. Embrace every moment, cherish the memories, and continue to pursue your dreams with unwavering determination.

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