Being a distance learner

Being a distance learner

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a distance student? Let me tell you, it is like nothing you have ever imagined.

Forget the fear of not making friends, being alone. As a distance student at the North-West University, you won’t ever be truly alone. From the start you are part of a community, so big that it swallows you whole. 

Friendships are formed that will last a lifetime, long after your study period is over. Right from the start groups formed where we are always eager to help in creating a safe space where all of us can learn and grow together.

The lecturers understand the challenges we are facing, and are working hard to help, by recording weekly module recordings for those of us who cannot be part of the Microsoft/ Zoom meetings where the study units get discussed. As a student you don’t just get to contact them once a week they respond to your emails as soon as they have the time. You hardly have to wait more than a day for a response, normally it is within a couple of hours that you get answered on your questions.

I will never regret my decision to become a distance learner. I made great friends without having to suffer the social anxiety of approaching them in real life. My study loans are much lower than that of my friends who are contact students for the same quality of education and support from our lectures. As distance learners we are able to work through the day, sleep in our own beds at night without wondering if someone will walk into your room to come ask for assignment answers.

Distance learning at the North-West University, makes you a stronger person because you will learn great time management skills, {that comes in handy come assignment time} also you will learn to multitask, and write exceptional mails that comes from communicating to the lectures.

Distance learning is nothing like I imagined it to be, it is better than what I ever could have dreamed of.

Written by Lene Raath


  1. Myrtle Booysen

    Good day i always try to be a distance learning by applying but im always unsuccessful in my application by NWU its been 4 years I’ve applied every year for 4 years so i just give up.

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