What can first-year students expect from the NWU in 2022?

What can first-year students expect from the NWU in 2022?

2021 is quickly coming to an end. You will close one chapter in your life and turn the page to start a new one. I hope you are looking forward to the next chapter in your life.

We are thrilled for next year and want to prepare you for what you can expect from the NWU in 2022.

Should I report to campus?

If it wasn’t for Covid-19, this question would have sounded strange. In 2022 all students, including first-year students, will be required to report to the campus they applied to. Fear not, this will be managed according to the relevant government regulations and lockdown levels as the pandemic plays out.

How will I attend classes in 2022?

Because the NWU is a contact university, classes will take place in the following three ways:

  • Firstly, face-to-face classes for smaller groups to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations of big groups and social distancing.
  • Secondly, contact classes in an online mode to allow optimal participation.
  • Lastly, contact classes where a lecture is broadcast to large groups and where the contact is facilitated by lecturers who are available online during the broadcast of the relevant lecture.

We hope this will ensure that the university provides sufficient opportunities for you to perform at your best.

How many students will attend classes?

Space utilisation in lecture rooms will be 50% for in-person contact teaching which will be increased as we progress with vaccination.

This means that in groups of 100 students or more, some students may elect, or be selected, to attend in-person face-to-face classes, while other students attend online classes or access the lecture offline. Attendance in all instances will be mandatory to ensure acceptable levels of participation.

How will I be assessed?

For the time being, you will be required to do assignments during the semester and final assessments for your examinations. Where possible, sit-down assessments will be conducted.

Should I be vaccinated?

We know this is a sensitive issue and personal choice. For the university to start functioning to its fullest potential, most of our staff and students should be vaccinated by the end of 2021. Prospective first-year students should be vaccinated upon arrival at the university in 2022.

The university has developed a vaccination plan and standard operating procedures, and the presence of people on our campuses will remain subject to this vaccination plan.

We look forward to 2022 and will do our best to keep you safe. For now, just focus on your exams and enjoy the festive season that is upon us.

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