Be a greater you with the NWU!

Be a greater you with the NWU!

Have you recently seen the North-West University using the phrase “Greater Than” more and more, and wondered what that is about? Well, we are here to tell you why. 

Every year the NWU sets an intention with our brand campaigns, and our intention for the next few months is to be greater than we are – we want you to join us.

With this campaign we want to inspire and motivate students like you, the NWU colleagues, and our broader community to try and outdo your previous efforts.  

So, why greater than? 

With the Greater Than campaign, we focused on the idea that greatness is meant for all of us – not just reserved for a chosen few. Every moment of every day, you have the potential to be greater than you are.

We also believe that greatness is a gradual journey, that everything you do daily helps you to become a better version of yourself. 

How do you become greater? 

You are already awesome, but who doesn’t want to grow and become a better version of yourself? We believe there are a few things that can help you be greater:

  • Move out of your comfort zone and try new things 
  • Do things that challenge you: take that class, join that group, make moves to grow!
  • Keep going when the going gets tough and remember, you’ve got this. 
  • Show up daily for every opportunity

Your greatness can start here 

As an NWU student, you are already on your way to become a better you, but have you thought about the day-to-day opportunities of greatness?

The average NWU degree takes between three and four years to complete. Three years = 1095 days, four years = 1 460 days. The NWU gives you 1095 – 1 460 opportunities to be greater. 

You can also join a team and excel there or participate in student life activities like Canvas.  

We want to encourage you to be greater than … Here at #MyNWU, you have different opportunities to do that – so, take an interesting class, audition for the role in that play, say hi to an unknown student, or participate in one of the NWU student life activities. 

#MyNWU #Canvas2021 ~ Tian du Preez

If you are a prospective student, see what the NWU can offer you with a personalised #MyNWU tour or tell us how your greater self looks on social media (we won’t mind some cool photos). And keep your eyes on all our pages, you never know what cool competitions and activities we have planned.  

Are you joining us in the Greater Than journey? 


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