Leaving home – let me tell you all you need to know about NWU residences

Leaving home – let me tell you all you need to know about NWU residences

Leaving home can be exciting: eating breakfast for dinner, going to bed at any time, drinking coffee, and listening to music at four in the morning. But it can also be a daunting experience, especially if you going to share a residence with some random person you don’t know from Adam or Eve. But it is also an opportunity to build friendships and forge connections because there’s a sense of camaraderie. A feeling of belonging and ultimately discovering… 

That is what I’ve learned while residing in an NWU residence and you’ll experience the same. It is the place where you will learn, but it’ll also be the place to expand your worldview and discover the professional you envision yourself to be. 

What is more, the NWU offers you an enormous variety of accommodation on and off the campuses and would like to help you to find the perfect home away from home.

Keep on reading to learn more about closing dates, fees payable, and contact information of residences on our three campuses.   

When is the closing date?

The closing date for, especially on-campus residences, is 30 September. Your residence application should have accompanied your online application. However, if for some reason you did not complete the residence application section, you can send an email to the contact persons at our campuses as indicated below.  

What to pay?

A R500 deposit is required on all three campuses. This is to secure your place. If you have secured funding from NSFAS, a deposit is not needed as accommodation is also covered by the NSFAS bursary. For more information on fees payable click here.       

Who to contact?

Mahikeng Campus

@Mahikeng Campus: This campus has 11 residences that are all located on the campus and that can house a total of approximately 3 000 students. You will have internet access at each one of these residences. Click here to read more about each residence. 
For more info, contact Tumi Mambo at 018 389 2948 or 22903798@nwu.ac.za.

Potchefstroom Campus

@Potchefstroom Campus: On the Potchefstroom Campus there are different types of accommodation available. This comprises residences on the campus (11 ladies residences and 9 men’s residences), town residences (3 ladies residences and 5 men’s residences), and private accommodation. You are spoiled for choice. Click here to read more about each residence.
For more info, contact Wilma Lotriet at 018 299 1128 or Wilma.Lotriet@nwu.ac.za.

Vanderbijlpark Campus

@Vanderbijlpark Campus: The campus offers 12 residences, five of which are located on the campus and five in Vanderbijlpark. There are also two “day” residences for students who live at home but commute to campus every day. Click here to read more about each residence.
For more info, contact Karin Venter at 016 910 3308 or Venter.Karin@nwu.ac.za

This is in a nutshell what accommodation at the NWU entails. Visit our website if you need more information or contact the Department: Marketing and Student Recruitment at:

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