Getting to know the NWU: Faculty of Law

Getting to know the NWU: Faculty of Law

In the Faculty of Law; advocacy is not a service, it’s a passion!

Our students are equipped with the knowledge, ethics, and skills that they will need in their professional lives in the service of justice and our constitutional democracy. Incorporating public law, legal philosophy, as well as criminal and procedural law; the NWU’s Faculty of Law is the place to study if you are committed to protecting what matters most.

Meet the Dean
Dr. Neo Morei is the acting Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law and invites you to learn a little more about what we have to offer…

From a student’s POV
We can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? Well, why not find out from our very own students!
Meet Goitsemang Masala, a student in the Faculty of Law, and learn what the NWU means to her, and why she loves being an NWU student!

If this is the future for you… Then now is the time to apply!
Make sure to double-check the requirements and then apply online!

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