Getting to know the NWU: Faculty of Health Sciences

Choosing to study in the Faculty of Health Sciences is not just your average degree…

It’s a career move that makes a difference not only in your life but in other people’s lives and the world. From pharmacy, social work, sports science, nutrition, nursing, and SO much more; the NWU’s Faculty of Health Science is the place to study when making the world a better place is your goal!

Meet the Dean
Prof Awie Kotzé is the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and invites you to learn a little more about what we have to offer…

From a student’s POV
We can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? Well, why not find out from our very own students!
Meet Thaedene Botha, a student in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and learn what the NWU means to her, and why she loves being an NWU student!

If this is the future for you… Then now is the time to apply!
Make sure to double-check the requirements and then apply online!

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