7 Facts you should know about your application

7 Facts you should know about your application

So, you want to become more in your life and chose to study at the NWU. You have applied, your application has been received and you have been informed about your application’s progress status. What on earth does that mean, though? Read on to get to the bottom of this.

1. Provisionally accepted / Subject to final Gr 12 results

Firstly, the most common status, is provisionally accepted. This means that you still have to write your final Grade 12 exams or, as the important people call it, the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent examination. Provisional admission is not a final admission but is dependent on the final results of the National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) or a selection process in the case of selection programs. After receiving your NSC, the university will inform you whether you may come to register.  

2. Fully accepted

This is music to your ears and applicable to those who took a gap year or were just not ready to study. If you have already completed your National Senior Certificate and comply with the admission requirements you can be fully accepted. This means you passed grade 12 and have the National Senior Certificate. Lucky you!

3.    Subject to selection

This one is a bit trickier. Selection programs are those courses that include a selection process, for example, Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Law, or Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology). 

It is important to make sure that you are aware of the selection criteria for the courses mentioned above. You can view these criteria here: http://www.nwu.ac.za/student/selection

4.    Subject to faculty and a waiting list 

A final decision regarding your application will be made by the faculty you applied to, based on the results of your National Senior Certificate or equivalent examination and the space available. 

Unfortunately, because the NWU is so popular, your application could be placed on a waiting list due to capacity. If space should open in the course you applied for, your application may be reconsidered after the official closing date.

5.     Subject to outstanding documents

Congratulations! Your application was received and evaluated, and you comply with the requirements of the programme you are interested in. But for some reason, you did not upload all the documents. You will be notified and once we received the outstanding docs, your status will change to provisionally accepted as indicated in point 1 or to fully accepted as pointed out in point 2. 

6.    Waiting for approval

Happy, happy. You have applied online, and your application was received by the NWU. It is now in the process of being considered. If you do not receive any feedback within three weeks after submitting your application, you may contact the Central Application Admissions Office. 

See details below.

7.    Next choice being considered

Finally, it can also happen that one or more of your indicated choices is unsuccessful or on a waiting list. This status indicates that your next reasonable choice is currently being considered.

Do you get the picture?

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For more information about studying at the NWU, visit our website at: www.nwu.ac.za Or you may call 018 285 4320. If you are still too shy to speak to someone, you can send an email to: ApplicationsUG@nwu.ac.za


  1. Lanelle

    Q1: What does it mean when they send you a rejection letter, but then they say progress status: Accepted subject to faculty decision – capacity
    Q2: What does currently not considered mean?

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