Applications 101: all you need to know + helpful hints

Applications 101: all you need to know + helpful hints

“When I grow up, I want to be… an astronaut, a lawyer, a journalist, a unicorn”… Yes, we know the last one is not physically possible, but when you’re a child daydreaming, the sky’s the limit.

But the time for daydreaming is over, and the reality of being a grown-up is here – it’s time to decide about your future. Fear not friend; we are here to help make sure the journey is a little less bumpy…

Before applying

You may be one of the lucky ones who knows what you want to study. Do you have a five-year plan mapped out? Or are you still on shaky ground about what to study? Whatever your circumstances are, start with good old research. What do you need to know?

  1. Does the NWU have your dream degree?
  2. Do you have the marks to qualify for the course?

Well, all that info is a simple click away!
Look at the fields of study we have to offer or ask for a prospectus for all the info on what the NWU has to offer, the minimum requirements, and APS needed.
If you’re still unsure you can always rely on one of our trusty student advisors to lend a helping hand. Just pop them an email, and they will send all the info you need.

Get your docs in a row 

Here is your first lesson in adulting: it comes with a lot of paperwork. But hey, with a few clicks here and there, we’ll have you on your way. When you apply, you will need to upload some documents during the process. So it’s better to keep copies on your PC or a flash to make the process go smoother.


  • YES! You need to complete the Undertaking Document BEFORE you apply and upload it with your other documents (or your application won’t be processed).

Let’s get to applying!

This might seem like the easy part… But it can get tricky if you’re not paying attention. To make it easier, we have a video that explains the whole process:


  • Applications are FREE (except for international students who need to pay R550), so don’t get hustled by anyone telling you something different.
  • Creating a student/university number doesn’t mean you have applied. You still have to complete the actual application form and click “submit” for us to receive your application.
  • Need to apply for residence? Make sure to click the button in the application form! To find out more about our residences, you can have a look on our trusty web.

Yay! You’ve applied! Now what?

Most important: Don’t stop studying! Even if you get that lovely “accepted” notification, it will be your final matric results that will be your make or break of joining the #NWUFamily.


  • Don’t forget or lose your student number and password. You’re going to need them later on!
  • Be patient. It can take some time before you get a response. There are many students applying, just like you, and each application needs to be properly processed.
  • If you want to keep track of your application, you can always check your status to see how things are going.

Forgot something? It happens…

Can’t remember your student number or password? Forgot to add a doc or two to your application? Need to send some upgraded marks?
We have you covered! Give our Admissions Office a call, and they will be able to help with the steps to follow: 018 285 4320

There you have it! Now, while we’re happy you’re reading this… It’s time to apply and then get back to studying!

The future doesn’t wait for the unprepared!

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