Pssst… The secret between applications and registrations

Pssst… The secret between applications and registrations

Application season is here! You apply, and we reply!

But we know you might still be asking questions about applications and registrations (Did you know there’s a difference?)

How do you enroll? 

For starters, the enrolment process at a university consists of two parts, and you guessed it: part one is to apply, and the second part is to register. You can apply from March to September, depending on the degree you have chosen. Remember, some courses have different deadlines if you need to write selection tests, so make sure to check your deadline.

If you get accepted, here’s hoping, you can register in January of the following year. For example, if you apply in 2021, you will register in January of 2022, and so on.

What does it cost?

Another difference is that an application at the NWU is free, there are no costs involved. However, with registrations, there is a registration fee involved. You can find all info on what registration costs and even get a quotation on our trusty web.

The good news is that the registration fee forms part of your tuition fee, so you already pay part of your study fees for the year.

Apply first, then register

The long and short are an application is not a registration. First, you apply and if you comply with the admission requirements, which include your final matric exam results, you will be invited to register in January of the next year (like the example in enrolment)2022. 

With an application, you can still be rejected, but with registration, you are certain that you have made it.

The best way to remember the difference?

An application can be compared to you knocking on the door at the NWU. Registration is when we open the door for you and say welcome to the #NWUFamily!

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