Postgraduate Degrees in Pest Management – Sustainable crops for a sustainable future

Postgraduate Degrees in Pest Management – Sustainable crops for a sustainable future

Focusing on research related to sustainable use of genetically modified (GM) crops and integrated pest and disease management in agro-ecosystems, with the aim to develop sustainable pest management strategies in food crops. 

These strategies focus on sustainable cultivation of Genetically Modified (GM) crops with pest and weed resistance traits, and management of nematodes, insect pests and diseases of crops.  Research within this group is integrated with that of the microbiology, ecotoxicology and conservation biology groups.

Information on Hons degrees
After completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge of host plant resistance and biological-, cultural- and chemical control and critically understand the principles of integrated pest management.
  • Understand the impact of pest management measures in complex agricultural systems.
  • Select, evaluate and apply a range of different and appropriate pest management strategies to solve problems encountered in the field of pest management.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the scope and complexity of ethical and value systems from both the environmental and human perspective with regard to pest management decisions.
  • Conduct theory-driven arguments to solve complex challenges within the field of integrated pest management.
  • Produce and communicate information and demonstrate the ability to present and communicate academic principles of integrated pest management to stakeholders.

Available degrees, with programme / curriculum codes

  • Bachelor Of Science Honours In Environmental Sciences With Integrated Pest Management (2DM L04 N601P

Information on Masters & PhD degrees

  • Research topics in Integrated Pest Management include:
    • Nematode pests of grain and oilseed crops
    • Fall armyworm ecology
    • Genetically modified maize
    • Tuta absoluta management on tomato crops
    • Nematodes as indicators of soil health
    • Arthropod diversity in maize and soybean cropping systems

Available degrees, with programme / curriculum codes

  • Master Of Science In Environmental Sciences With Integrated Pest Management (2CT N05 N801P)

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