NWU Mascots

NWU Mascots

As the NWU, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality academic programmes and a vibrant student life. We push the limits on teaching & Learning and soar to new heights in our research.

We believe in the NWU so much, that our dreams turned into reality with the creation of our #NWUMascots.

Eagi – the overarching mascot of the NWU symbolises the unity of our University, courage, leadership, success and freedom in all things we do. Eagi also has siblings across the campuses who embody their unique culture and traditions, while coming together as an #NWUFamily.

Our mascots are there from day one of your registrations (be it in person or virtual), and will always surprise you when you least expect it.

Check out our little video introducing our lovable siblings.

From the #NWUMascots – welcome to the family!

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    I am so exited to meet Eagi. I wanna explore. Eagi inspires me to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Encourages me to focus strongly on excellence and academics so that I can be a better, brighter vision of myself! NWU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST✨

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