Postgraduate Studies in Microbiology – Uncovering the mysteries of microscopic life

Postgraduate Studies in Microbiology – Uncovering the mysteries of microscopic life

Medicine, nursing, environmental engineering, and wine-making (yes, you heard right… wine-making) all use the science of microbiology. Day in and day out, microbiologists ensure our food, water, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and bodies are healthy, safe and free from harmful microorganisms seen only through a microscope.

Our postgraduate studies in Microbiology, within the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, aims to uncover the mysteries of microscopic life and the applications in modern society. Studies in Microbiology include the interaction of viruses, bacteria, archaea and fungi with the environment, their industrial application and clinical importance that affects areas of human life.

Information on Hons degree:
Students may be admitted to the Honours qualification in Microbiology given that they are in possession of a BSc degree with Microbiology passed at NQF level 7 with at least 60%. Selection is furthermore based on a student’s academic record and other proven appropriate prior learning, taking into account the student’s background and potential.

  • Available degrees, with programme / curriculum codes:
    • Bachelor Of Science Honours In Microbiology (2ES L01 N601M)

Information on Masters & PhD degrees
These programmes are research based curriculums and consist of either a dissertation or thesis.

  • Available degrees, with programme / curriculum codes
    • Master Of Science In Microbiology (2DE N01 N801P)
    • Doctor Of Philosophy In Science With Microbiology (2CC R17 N901P)

So, why become a postgraduate student? Well, because postgraduate studies strengthens your competitiveness in a specialised job market and it extends and deepens your knowledge and skills in an ever changing international market. You’ll have access to experts in various fields and a post graduate qualification builds confidence and credibility as a highly skilled graduate. Our excellent research facilities offers you the ability to access, make sense of, and deploy new knowledge in a complex society.

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