Welcome to the NWU virtual world!

Welcome to the NWU virtual world!

If you’re in grade 12, you’re likely preparing yourself to become a student at the North-West University very soon! One of these days, you will enter a brand new world where you’ll meet new friends and encounter an exciting atmosphere. By stepping into this world, you will gain access to new expertise, new environments, and the absolute privilege of being a student. This reality awaits you when you first step foot on any of the three campuses of the North-West University.

During the course of the next few weeks, you will be receiving more blog posts like this one, introducing you to the world of the NWU. We have launched this initiative to keep you posted on all important notifications, news, and upcoming events that you should be aware of.

Cross the threshold into the virtual realm of the NWU by becoming a member of all of our online platforms. If you’re not already following each of our social media accounts, you’re missing out big time! This is where we share some of the most important information about University activities. Be sure to follow the NWU on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t forget to also use our unique hashtag #MyNWU on all of your social media posts.

But wait, this isn’t where our virtual realm ends…

The NWU now also offers a new app that will send you notifications based on your personal preferences and interests. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet, set your preferences, and you’re ready! Now you’ll receive notifications to keep you posted on all of the news and calendar events that you’re interested in, making your app unique to any other student’s!

#MyNWU – It All Starts Here!



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