Open days and study fields

Open days and study fields

Consider the upcoming NWU Open Days as your “first date” with us. We’re counting down the days to meet you. This is where you’ll get a first taste of the abundant student life awaiting you – a student life that will not only let you make new friends and get to know yourself on a new level, but will also let you grow to your full potential, allowing you to make viable career choices. You do, however, need to approach this new chapter in your life with an open mind. You will have to let the University, your studies, exams, and assignments shape you into a capable individual who is fully prepared to enter the professional world.

The Open Days will be separated into two sessions, ensuring that all visitors receive as much information as possible. To view the various programs on each campus, and plan accordingly, click on the following link:

In these programs, you will notice that we’re offering you guided visits to the faculties of your choice. This is an important part of our first meeting – you field of study is the primary reason for attaining tertiary education, after all! You will see students holding big signs, representing the various faculties, call you closer.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the course of your choice. Have you been wondering what career you might be able to follow after completing your studies? This is precisely what you would be able to ask these academic representatives. Do you want to double check whether you are meeting the academic requirements for your course? Or are you simply interested in finding the best way to prepare for your studies? We know just how important these questions are to you, and we have trained our academic representatives to give you the right answers. They will share firsthand information about the relevant course and faculty.

At the NWU, you are not just another number, but an individual. You have your own, unique worries, questions, and excitement. That is why we’re offering you this opportunity to gain more information relating to your field of study. Each faculty and study field is excited to meet and welcome you as a member of their team. At the Open Days, stay on the lookout for information brochures being handed out, and use every chance to get your questions answered. This is your chance to open the doors to your future!

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