The Registration & Orientation Guide: a first year’s survival guide

The Registration & Orientation Guide: a first year’s survival guide

As a first year student arriving to the North-West University, you will be supplied with a very handy piece of equipment – the Registration & Orientation guide, better known as the R&O guide.

The R&O program was developed specifically to help you adapt and fit into our student life as fast as possible, helping you make a success of your time at varsity. The guide holds all the important information that will lead you through the registration process as well as tips that will assist you with all the other perks offered by the NWU. This must-have guide is especially useful during your first few weeks as a newbie on a NWU campus.

A lot of hard work and detailed planning is invested into this guide each year with only one goal: to help you feel at ease as soon as possible. It would be a good idea for you to carry a hard copy of the R&O guide with you at all times. It will allow you to quickly look up important information.

Information incorporated in the R&G guide includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Ample details, information, and the history of each campus
  • Summary of the University Management and Representative and Campus Student Councils, along with each representative’s portfolio
  • University Anthem
  • Important information regarding when and where you are to register
  • Information about the collecting of your student card (which you will use almost daily)
  • The full schedule for Registration & Orientation, categorized in the various activities planned for each day
  • Sport practice times
  • Dates and times to meet with the “house parents” of the various hostels, along with their contact details
  • Information and dates of the first year concert
  • Everything around the first year formal
  • Information about various supporting services such as Protection Services, Financial Support Services, Student Counselling and Development, Student Legal Services, Health Centres, Library and Information Services, Sport Centres, and Career Centres.
  • Social media accounts representing the NWU
  • Complaint & Idea Lines
  • Campus Maps

Feel free to download the R&O guide here:

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