Protection Services – there to keep you safe!

Protection Services – there to keep you safe!

You may be aware of the North-West University’s terrific reputation when it comes to safety on our three campuses. In order to continue achieving these safety levels, a big responsibility and job rests on the shoulders of NWU Protection Services – the officials who are making your safety on campus their first priority. They ensure that crime is restricted, that traffic flows, and that specialized personnel investigate crimes in order to promptly stop criminals in their tracks.

Each of the three NWU campuses has its own Protection Services department, run by Mr. Des Ayob – a former police officer in the department of crime intelligence.

All on-campus traffic is regulated by registering vehicles, granting parking disks, and restricting vehicles to certain areas on campus. They are also in charge of the reservation and letting of parking bays and covered parking; they investigate car accidents; and they practice access control. Certain traffic regulations are enforced to ensure an orderly flow of traffic, and to maximize the use of parking space. Protection Services control access control on campus through electronic card control, scanning of licenses, and regulating vehicle and pedestrian systems.

Protection Services’ patrol and crime prevention units, along with the ambulance and fire control units has the best tools and apparatus with which to protect human life, property, and buildings. Each campus has a control office that is manned 24 hours.

The goal of Protection Services includes the prevention and fight of anything that might jeopardize the safety and security of the campus community. They investigate crime and attempt to deal with the causes of crimes on each campus.

Visit Protection Services any time, day or night, or contact them on these numbers:

Mafikeng Campus

Access Cards             018 389 2395

Keys                            018 389 2010

Parking Reservations   018 389 2796

Fines                                018 389 2796 / 018 389 2389

Emergencies             018 389 2277 / 018 389 2167


Potchefstroom Campus

Access Cards             018 299 2209

Keys                             018 299 1929

Parking Disks            018 299 2775

Parking Reservations   018 285 2650

Fines                            018 299 4402

Emergencies                  018 299 2211 / 018 299 2215 / 018 299 1110


Vaal Triangle Campus

Access Cards             016 910 3130

Keys                            016 910 3132

Parking Disks            016 910 3130

Parking Reservations   016 910 3130

Fines                            016 910 3132

Emergencies                  016 910 3339

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