From complaints to ideas – we want to know about it!

Whenever a big group of people gather in one environment, it usually creates an atmosphere of excitement, fun, and community. Just think of the exciting atmosphere that usually accompanies major sports events. We usually feel like we need to share this feeling, and thanks to the technology and social media offered by smartphones, sharing these moments is now easier than ever.

With thousands of students living on one campus, things obviously don’t always run smoothly. During these times, we often also feel the need to report or communicate these issues.

The North-West University has established the perfect platform through which these issues, ideas, and suggestions can be shared and reported without hesitation; each of our three campuses has its own unique SMS-line that is monitored and evaluated daily. We can therefore assure you that your complaints and suggestions will receive the proper attention and feedback. Please feel free to use this service.

Texts can be sent to the following numbers:
Mafikeng campus – 34151
Potchefstroom campus – 31750
Vaaldriehoek campus – 33139


5 Replies to “From complaints to ideas – we want to know about it!”

  1. Thank you for the emails you keep sending.
    They really help me to get to kbow the North West University better.

  2. Keep on sending your emails.I appreciate them.

  3. M very happy with your service and m looking forward to be part of dis institution

  4. my suggestion is that you put places that are important on a Google auditorium, faculty or classes and etc to make the life’s of The first years learners easy

  5. I’m looking forward to study with you I’m so excited, my warry is accommodation if I may ask is there accommodation available for me

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