BROS exam: Sharpen your leadership skills

If your dreaming of taking on a leadership role on campus, remember, “it all starts here” – with the BROS exam!

As a first year student at the NWU, you will hear many new terms and phrases; these new terms might be overwhelming, but don’t lose courage! In no time, you’ll know exactly what each of these terms means, including the mysterious BROS exam!

The name is an abbreviation for brochure exam, a test that measures first year students’ knowledge of human rights, as well as the history, development, and different structures of the NWU. This test is vital as it is a prerequisite for students who seek election to any leadership structures, such as the Academic Student Associations (ASAs), House Committees (HCs), Executive Committees (ECs), and the Campus Student Council (CSC).

The test is made up of the following categories:

  • History, values, support services, managerial structures of the NWU;
  • Knowledge of your NWU campuses, human rights, leadership structures, and the complaints line.

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For more information and guides for the exam, please feel free to contact the Deputy CSC Chairman on the Potchefstroom campus, Christina Joubert, on 018 299 2869 or

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