Need some refreshing on Sin, Cos and Tan?

Need some refreshing on Sin, Cos and Tan?

Over the course of the past few years, we have noticed that students are experiencing more issues with the transition from school to university, especially where mathematics is concerned. Thanks to the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences’ mandatory refresher course for all first-year students who take mathematics as a module, this is one problem you don’t need to break your head about!

Who should attend the refresher course?

All first year students entered into programs with the modules MTHS111, MTHS114 of MATH111 are to complete the Mathematics Refresher Course. That includes al engineering, BMI-, BSc-, BCom- and BA-students who are entered for programs with the module MTHS111. BEd-students with Education Mathematics as major must also attend the course. See the attached list of programs that contain the modules MTHS111 or MATH111.

Students who are repeating MTHS111 or MTHS114, BCom-students who are taking MTHS112/123, and BSc-students enrolled in MTHS113 are exempt. Students repeating MTHS111 or MTHS114, however, are strongly recommended to register for the refresher course.

When is the course presented?

The Mathematics Refresher Course will only be presented on the Potchefstroom Campus. Sessions have been scheduled during the R&G period and is taking place with the cooperation of the student dean and the House Committee members of the various hostels. We have compiled the schedule to ensure that lectures don’t clash with important R&O activities. Classes will be hosted in the lecturer halls of E8 (J Chris Coetzee building) on the Potchefstroom Campus. Exact time and dates will be announced shortly. Remember to bring an HB pencil and eraser (calculators are optional).

We hope to also offer this course on the Mahikeng and Vaal Triangle campuses in 2020.

What study material is required?

Each student enrolled in the refresher course will receive a workbook that has been compiled especially for this program. Students can make notes in the workbook, which will also be available online for those who prefer working on tablets.

What does it cost?

The fees for the refresher course are R450 and includeds the cost of the workbook. The amount will be added to the relevant student accounts.

Which topics will be covered in the refresher course?

The following topics will be addressed: solving exponential and logarithmic equations, solving trigonometric equations in radians, absolute value function, limits and continuity and graphs of polynomials and rational functions.

Who are exempted from the refresher course?

Only students who obtain 80% or more in a pre-test (written on the first day of the course) will be exempted. All other students are required to attend all of the lectures. Some basic mathematic principles/ideas/concepts that formed a part of your school education and that are important for mathematics at university level will be measured during the test. No specific preparations are required for this test.

What else can be done to prepare for university mathematics?

We recommend two guides for students who want to start preparations for university maths during the December break. A workbook by Christopher Mills, Unimaths Intro Workbook (ISBN 978-1-920663-01-8), is available from most academic bookstores. This useful guide covers all of the new mathematic principles that are included in your first year at university. An electronic version of McMaster University’s Math Review Manual is available at This book will guide you to better prepare yourself for mathematics at university level, and will also come in handy during the course of the year, especially the introductory section.

Further enquiries

Natural Sciences, Engineering and Economics:     Mariette Hitge of 018 299 2579

Education:       Annalie Roux of 018 299 1895

Students admitted to the following programs have to attend the refresher course:

  • Faculty of Engineering (I103P, I104P, I203P, I204P, I205P, I303P, I304P)
    • Chemical (7CG K01 – I421P)
    • Chemical and Mineral Processing (7CG K02 – I422P)
    • Electric and Electronic (7CN K01 – I423P)
    • Computer and Electronic (7CH K01 – I424P)
    • Electro-mechanical (7CL K01 – I425P)
    • Mechanical (7CJ K01 – I426P)
    • Industrial (7CK K01 – I427P)
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    • Chemistry and Physics (2FF H05 – N301P)
    • Chemistry, Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics (2FF H22 – N301P)
    • Physics and Mathematics (2FF H23 – N301P)
    • Physics and Applied Mathematics (2FF H24 – N301P)
    • Physics and Computer Science (2FF H25 – N301P)
    • Computer Science and Statistics (2FF H26 – N301P)
    • Computer Science and Mathematics (2FF H09 – N301P)
    • Computer Science and Economics (2FF H28 – N301P)
    • Mathematics and Economics (2FF H29 – N301P)
    • Geography and Applied Mathematics (2FF H30 – N301P)
    • Statistics and Mathematics (2FG H02 – N301P)
    • Mathematics (2FG H01 – N301P)
    • Quantitative Risk Management (2FT H01 – N301P)
    • Financial Mathematics (2FS H01 – N301P)
    • Data Mining (2FR H01 – N301P)
    • Actuarial Science (2FQ H01 – N301P)
    • Biochemistry and Chemistry (2FF H06 – N301P)
    • Microbiology and Biochemistry (2DK H11 – N301P)
    • Botany and Biochemistry (2DK H02 – N302P)
    • Zoology and Biochemistry (2DK H07 – N302P)
    • Chemistry and Physiology (2DK H06 – N302P)
    • Microbioloy and Chemistry (2DJ H10 – N301P)
    • Botany and Chemistry (2DJ H03 – N302P)
    • Zoology and Chemistry (2DJ H04 – N302P)
    • Geology and Chemistry (2DJ H07 – N302P)
    • Geography and Computer Science (2DJ H14 – N301P)
    • Urban and Regional Planning (2FE K01 – N401P)
    • Information Technology and Computer Science (2DX H01 – N302P) if enrolled in MTHS111
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Physiology and Biochemistry (8DJ H01 – G301P)
  • Faculty of Arts
    • Any BA with mathematics as choice
  • Faculty of Education Sciences
    • BEd Snr/FET Mathematics for Education (O194P)

Students appointed by the Admission office or Faculty Manager to attend the course for possible admission.

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    I am willing to study at NWU this year(2019) ever since i got my self a bachelors degree but with level 3 in mathematics.I am pleasing to do the refresher course at potchefstroom campus

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