Grab student life with both hands!

Grab student life with both hands!

If anyone has ever told you that your time at university will be the greatest time of your life, they were 100% correct. Being a student is about more than late nights in the library, class attendance, and taking exams. It’s also about a unique experience destined for few. Did you know that globally only 6.7% of people have a tertiary qualification behind their names?

Being a part of #MyNWU is a supreme privilege, and we have several initiatives and support departments to ensure that every single aspect of your time at university is unforgettable.

As you already know, the NWU is made up of three different campuses. So whether you choose to spend your free time under the sycamores of Potchefstroom, at the banks of the Vaal River, or in the economic mother city of the North-West province, we want to make sure that you have a student life to write home about.

So what makes the university so lekker?

  • A vibrant atmosphere on campus as well as your residence;
  • safe campuses;
  • a diverse student community;
  • state of the art sports facilities and equipment;
  • a variety of social and relaxation facilities where fellow students become lifelong friends
  • on-the-ball lecturers;
  • crisis and counsellor support during hard times.

Our goal is to see to it that each student achieves success. That’s why we make sure that, in addition to many other support services, you also have access to academic support, libraries, computers, financial help, health and wellbeing services, and a career centre. To make these services as accessible as possible for our students, the departments providing them are usually also situated on campus.

You are now a part of the greater NWU community. Whether you will move into a campus hostel, a flat, or other private accommodation, you are as much a part of the NWU as any other student. This is your home now. Our academic and support personnel are there to support and take care of you. Please use these services that we provide. Feel free to discuss any challenges with us. We truly are here to help. Become involved with your fellow students and take part in all the many facets of student life. Never feel like it isn’t meant for you. You got yourself here; now grab each and every opportunity that university life offers you.

Remember – it all starts here, but only if you participate!


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