Did you choose the right field of study?

Did you choose the right field of study?

In only a few more weeks, you will officially be a first-year student! University life brings so many wonderful opportunities, but your student career will only be a success if you make the right decisions. The choice that is surely the most important is the course you decide to study. As a matter of fact, the wrong career choice is one of the main reasons why students don’t complete their studies. But don’t fret, we have a solution! The NWU offers psychometric tests to assist you in making this important decision.

One of the great benefits of tertiary education is the array of courses and careers that future students can choose from. But, unfortunately, this also leads to great challenges. It’s important that you choose a career that suits your personality, skills, and interests.

All three NWU campuses offer their students the option of psychometric tests. This scientific method is useful in measuring an individual’s intellectual abilities and behavioural pattern. As a result, it can help you decide on your ideal course and career. These tests are performed by experienced experts on the campus of your choice and are a sure way to find some peace of mind around your study choices.

These centres also offer a service to help students develop their learning skills and personal developmental issues, helping them to reach their full potential and study with bigger and greater success.

The NWU also launched an additional service, a free interest index survey helping learners identify possible careers and fields of study that match their interest. School students in grades 8 to 12 can take the survey online. After completing the survey, which most questions you on activities you like and are good at, you will receive a personal report with detailed information on the careers and tertiary courses that might trigger your interest. Please note that the goal of this service is not to replace professional career counsellors. Visit the website.

Remember to make your appointment for a psychometric test in advance by contacting the below representatives. Also, bring your latest school report along.

Interesting facts and tips on psychometric testing:

  • This is a test that you cannot study for;
  • there aren’t any wrong answers;
  • many job applicants have to complete psychometric tests as part of the employment process;
  • the results will help you determine whether you are making the right career choice – if you answer it honestly;
  • psychometric tests typically take about two and a half to five hours to complete;
  • results are immediately available;
  • the test costs R900.

For any further inquiries, please contact one of the three campuses:

MAFIKENG                                   POTCHEFSTROOM                      VAAL TRIANGLE

018 389 2592                                018 299 2893                                016 910 3040

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