Making your academic dream a reality: what a bursary can do for you!

It’s done! You have sent through your application form to study at the NWU, and now the only thing pending is the message informing you that you have been accepted. But while knowing what you want to study, you are now left with another decision. How to pay for your academic future…

This can seem like a stop in the road to your successful life as the CEO of your own business, becoming the next Steve Jobs, or being hailed as the scientist who finds the cure for cancer; but we are here to tell you that this is not true!

Bursaries and loans were created with the simple aim of providing financial aid to academically deserving students who dream of studying at tertiary institutions but cannot afford the full costs.

In South Africa, there are quite a few options available, but finding the bursary that best suits you and your studies, as well as an option that is accredited by the University of your choice, can be stressful…

Fear not! The NWU has compiled a list of all bursaries and loans schemes that are accepted, as well as our very own bursaries and loans that we have in place to help get you to graduation!

#MyNWU bursaries and loans:

  • Academic Merit Bursary – All full-time first-year and senior (second, third and fourth year) students are automatically awarded this bursary when meeting certain academic requirements; you are also more than welcome to fill out a form (just in case)
  • Family Discount – Do you have an older brother or sister who is studying at the NWU? Well, thanks to them, you can apply for a family discount! See as much as 15% (and more, depending on which sibling in the family you are) discounted for your studies! Finally, a positive side to having an older sibling! You can find and fill the form out here.
  • Leadership Bursary – That head boy/head girl title you had in Grade 12 still has a few tricks up its sleeve it seems! Apply for this once-off bursary and see a nice chunk of fees be deducted from your first-year tuition fees. Click and save.
  • Arts & Culture Bursary – More of an artsy type in high school? Well, if you showed exceptional achievements in arts and culture activities during your high school career (Grades 8-12), you can apply here. Keep in mind that these bursaries have very specific requirements, as evaluations are done by the Department of Arts & Culture!
  • Support Bursary – The NWU also offers bursaries to help students who are physically disabled, orphaned or living in foster care. You only need to apply once in your first year and make sure you attach the necessary documents.
  • Sport Bursary – Are you the future winner of the World’s Greatest Sportsperson award? At the NWU you can make this dream come true, while also becoming the World’s Smartest Person! Want to know more about which sports we cater for and how to apply? You can find out who to inquire with here.

External bursaries:

  • National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) – With over 3 million students assisted since its establishment, NSFAS provides financial aid to qualifying students from poor and working-class families to study at public Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and universities. You can apply online OR drop off an application form at your nearest National Youth Development Agency (NYDA). To know more about what you will need when applying, or how to apply, you can visit their site.
  • Fundi – Formerly known ad Eduloan, Fundi is South Africa’s leading fund management solution specialist focused on providing funds for education. Their pioneering attitude combined with their use of technology and centralised management and control pushes them to the forefront of finding the most affordable ways for you to complete your studies. As an added bonus, you and your family can get some peace of mind during your undergrad years. Click the link to get started!
  • Funza Lushaka – Aimed at future teachers, this bursary is available to South African citizens looking to complete a teaching qualification in either Foundation phase, Intermediate & Senior phase or Further Education & Training (FET) phase. If you are ready to inspire tomorrow’s leaders, you are only a click away.
  • Other external bursaries – Of course, the bursary list does not end there! There is still quite a variety of bursaries and loans to give your academic career a kickstart. Each has its own requirements, so make sure to have a good read through before you apply! Find the perfect bursary to suit your needs and passions here.

Who knew there were so many different bursaries available? For a full list of the bursaries and loans available from each campus, you can take a look here!

Now that you know how to get your slice of the bursary pie, be sure to complete and submit the forms before their deadlines pass! And of course… see you next year!

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  1. Can u pls snd me student number so tell can apply for busary plz

  2. Wil aansoek doen vir ‘n studielening, asseblief. Stuur al die besonderhede

  3. Thank you for all the enquiries and they help me a lot…

  4. thanks to the nwu family for informing me about the types of bursary they can offer to students who are stresed about how their going to pay their fees so that they can complete their studies

  5. THANKS to the NWU crew for alerting me about the various that you are offering to students who wanna persue their studies but they are in family financial crisis

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