What is so smart about smartboards?

What is so smart about smartboards?

You have been informed that your application to university has been received and that you are provisionally or fully accepted into the NWU. What on earth does that mean, though? In this blog, we shed more light on the meaning of this.

Provisionally accepted

Provisional selection takes place when applicants still have to write their National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent examination, or when you have applied for a selection program. Selection programs are those with more qualifying applicants than available places, for example, Bachelor of Nursing Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology). You will be notified if you need to write a selection test.

Provisional admission is not a final admission but is dependent on the final results of the National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) or a selection process in the case of selection programs.

To put it plainly, for applicants who still have to complete their National Senior Certificate (or equivalent), final selection can only take place during January (10 days after the NSC results have been released by the Department of Higher Education and Training).

Fully accepted

Those applicants who have already completed their National Senior Certificate and who comply with the admission requirements can already be fully accepted. They passed grade 12 and are in possession of the National Senior Certificate. Lucky them!

Do you get the picture? For more information about studying at the NWU, visit our website at www.nwu.ac.za.

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