The Who’s, What, Where and How of UDL

The Who’s, What, Where and How of UDL

I am sure you have at some stage come across the acronym UDL and wondered what it represents?  UDL stands for the Unit for Distance Learning by means of which you can study part-time while you are working.  In this article, we will attempt to give some background on who we are, what we offer, where we are and how we do it. The four W’s and the H – if you prefer to call it that.

Who is UDL?
UDL is a unit at North-West University (NWU).  In case you are not aware of it, NWU is the second-largest university in South Africa with more than 70 000 students.  UDL is providing an opportunity to those individuals currently working and need to attain a qualification. You can actually say we are a university within a university with approximately 25 000 students enrolled at the UDL.

What does UDL offer?
UDL is currently focussing strongly on teaching, as there is a dire need for qualified teachers in the country.  For this purpose we are providing an Advanced Certificate in Teaching, an Advanced Diploma in Teaching, an Advance Diploma in Education, a Diploma in Grade R, a BEd Degree and BEd Honours.  Apart from teaching programmes, we also offer a BSc in Information Technology, a BA Degree in Public Governance, and a Theology degree.  All the appropriate information is available on our website.

Where is UDL situated?
As already mentioned, UDL is part of North-West University.  Our offices are situated on the Potchefstroom campus from where it serves the entire country as well as Namibia.  There is a call centre you can phone (018 285 5900) and an email address ( to assist with any problems and questions.  Classes are presented at 42 learner support centres at scheduled times. 

How does it work?
The distance learning study mode at NWU works on the principle of interactive white-board sessions.  This means that a lecturer is physically standing in class giving a lecture. The lecture is broadcast to the different learner support centres countrywide.  You actually sit in class hundreds of kilometres away receiving a lecture. You can also interact with the lecturer and ask relevant questions. During the semester, you hand in assignments and at the end of the semester, you write an exam.

In the times we are living in, UDL is a great option to study at your own time, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.  


  1. Mpho Majoang

    Oh, by the way I am a student already accepted for BA Public Governance with Policing Practice for 2019.

    I am currently residing in Bloemfontein. I have had a wonderful experience throughout the entire application, registration and admission processes.

    Everything was at ease, profoundly professional, user-friendly and quick.

    I received my student number online within 5 minutes.

    I sent my application documents and received acceptance letter in 5 days.

    I also received 2018 fees estimates schedule within a week in order to apply for a bursary from my employer, the process is underway.

    I am feeling very much appreciated, and many many many thanks indeed, especially to Mr Kagiso from Application and Admission Office who was with me all the way throughout the process, he made me feel at home.

    Thanks also to Finance Office.


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