5 Misconceptions about studying in Distance Learning

5 Misconceptions about studying in Distance Learning

Want to take the step to learn in the distance learning mode, but are hesitant about some stories you’ve heard through the grapevine? Find out all the facts on those burning questions right here!

# Distance learning is easy
Don’t be fooled by believing that distance learning is easy because you only have to submit assignments and write an exam.  On the contrary; studying in the distance learning mode can be a difficult task. It’s on you to make deadlines, read supplemental material and watch lectures.  You learn the same amount of content as from an in-person class. Most of all you need self-discipline, responsibility, and commitment.

# Distance learning is expensive
For some reason, people think studying distance learning is expensive. Learning online is often the least expensive for several reasons.  To name a few – you don’t need to travel or rent accommodation. Food and drink expenditures are a lot less and course material is included in your study fee.  This makes it a very attractive option if you still have doubts.

# Distance learning needs complicated technology
The whole idea is to be user-friendly.  Courses are designed to be understandable and easily accessible with video clips of lessons.  All you basically will need is a computer with internet access. Adding to that, there are 42 learner support centres across the country where you can have contact sessions with your lecturer.

# Distance learning is lonely
Linked to the above aspect, support is only a click away.  Lecturers are in constant contact with students by sending out weekly emails and updates.  eFundi is North-West University’s learning management system. In simpler terms; it is a communication platform that connects students and lecturers while providing important course resources.  Through these platforms, students can reach out if they have any questions regarding the coursework.

# Distance learning is open for cheating
At North-West University, students are expected to be honest and produce work without any help.  In addition, NWU holds students to high standards of academic integrity and does not tolerate plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Severe action will be taken against any student who violates university academic regulations. Remember, you’re here to learn – so don’t cheat yourself out of your own education.

North-West University is the second-largest university in South Africa with more than 70 000 students.  You too can be part of this exclusive and vibrant university. To find out more go to our website or ask our student recruiters for more info.

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