5 Easy steps that will help you with online applications

5 Easy steps that will help you with online applications

So you have decided to take the big step to enrol for a distance learning programme.  The first thing that comes to mind is: where do I get an application form? Fear not.

You can now apply online on the University’s website.  That in itself can be a daunting task. To help you I have put together 5 steps to follow when applying online

Step 1: Create a student number (start at step 2 if you already have one)

If you are applying for the first time, the first step is to create a student number and a login pin. 

NB!!! It is important that you save your student number and pin as you will use this for the rest of your study career.  (Your cell phone is a good option.)

Go to the online application platform.  Click on ‘new application’ and then create a new student number and complete all the fields.  Remember, if you have applied before you would already have created a student number. The system will not let you create a new one.

Note, the allocation of a student number does not mean you have completed the application process.  Ensure that you go through all the steps. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Step 2: Log in

With that part done and armed with your student number and pin, you can now log in.  After logging in you will get to the page that looks similar to the online application platform.  The only difference is that your name and student number will now appear on top. This indicates that you are now on your own unique page. Click again on New application.

Step 3: What do you want to study?

From now it’s pretty straightforward.  Make sure that you complete all the fields.  For example the qualifications, modes of delivery and curricula.  Students applying for nursing courses need to choose ‘Contact’ as the presentation category – not ‘Distance’.  The method of delivery will then be shown as “ODL Nursing”.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents

Hang in there, you are almost finished.  For the university to consider your application, upload all the required documents.  Don’t skip any, as the system will not allow you to submit if all the forms are not there.  Use this list as a guide and load up the ones applicable to your situation.

  • Certified copies of the Available grade 12 marks, (or gr 11 if the gr 12 marks are not yet available), or a copy of your matric certificate – if you have already passed matric.
  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • Certified copy of the Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Certified copy of Academic record for previous qualifications (if applicable)
  • Certified copy of previous qualifications (If applicable).
  • Additional documents for international prospective students:
  • A copy of relevant results
  • A copy of your passport (for international students and UDL Namibia)

Step 5: Submit the application

The final step is to submit your application.  And weird as it may sound, make sure that you press the Submit Application button when you have completed all the above-mentioned steps.

And that’s it, you have applied and actually captured your own application on the system. I know it’s a daunting process and you are afraid that you might make a mistake, but mistakes are also made on hard copies.

We hope this article will assist you with your online application and ease the journey for you.  Give us a thumbs up if this was helpful. For any help, contact the following numbers: 018 299 4383/4130/4263/2445 or 018 285 2227/2332. Remember everything you need is on our website and good luck with your studies.


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